Happy Mommas Day!

My mother so happens to be turning 59 today…she is my hero. No really when I was little I swear I saw her lift our couch with one hand and maneuvering the vacuum with her other hand. She cooked three home made meals , kept a full time job outside the home, she did not drive, our house was super beyond molly maid clean our clothes starchy and white….everything including the bed sheets were ironed. She was wonder woman. My mother is a seamstress by trade, being the only child in her entire family with post secondary education, a diploma if you will. Her tailor, pattern note books so neat and well drawn. Give her a zipper some left over fabric and she could make you anything…a shirt or a gown…I had the best Barbie clothes in the whole neighborhood. My mother has since stopped ironing everything that moves, she takes more me time, has her prayer group and  power walking group…but she is still the strongest woman I know…I will never be able to be like her, I cannot wrap my mind around her strength…her courage…her determination…she gave birth to three offspring, loved us like no other…still to this day gives us unconditional love…”be prepared not scared..” she tells us…” ask God for strength…” she reminds us…” I am here for you anytime..let me know if you need my help..”  she wraps her words around us like a forever hug, a hug that comforts and warms us, the sound of her voice is our medicine, the touch of her hands our blanket…her womb our home…We have coined the phrase “Mother Teresa” as my mother’s nickname, for her kindness extends to all who know her…this is a true mother not just one who loves her own children but one who loves all children , one that supports the growth and nurturing of her community…You may be thinking that my mother lives in a happy fairytale…with no disrespect to anyone in her life story , her life is two beats short from tragic, and yet these sad songs may haunt her they do not stop her from living or giving life to others around her…I love you ” mae querida ” {sweet mother}…Thank you today for all that you have done…thank you tomorrow for all that you will still continue to do….


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