How I started…

Over 10 years ago I attended a creative memories scrapbooking party. It was the best night of my life! I can still remember the feeling, well to be honest… at first, the thought of cutting my photographs was very scary ! Not to mention the fact that secretly I believe I am a professional photographer…laugh all you want but I know you do too…Therefore we believe that every photograph we take is a masterpiece! Until the first crop… Before I attempt to start anyone off on a scrapbooking adventure I always ask, no stress the fact that I need their permission to crop their photographs. I always get a ” no problem go ahead ” and then the death stare comes into play when I actually start to crop… It is a love hate relationship either you love it or you hate it and the ” feeling ” cannot be faked. The passion, the spark the bug as you will takes over. We scrapbooked all night, rounding every corner it was an out of body experience. Since that very first night there has been a pause a detour…my life changed and I geared all my free time and focus to create and care for my offspring, but deep in my heart there as a pain a loss, a need…As you will see in my video below, I started out just with basic scrapbooking. There is no right way to enjoy this hobby…as long as there is joy you are doing it right! Look back at your first scrapbooks, smile cringe or gloat …If this is your first time…jump right in or shall I say crop right in the water is just right….


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