Toilet paper mini album part one…

I have a huge mess in my sanctuary right now…like…huge and I am not able to work well with unfinished work staring me down while I work on other projects. BUT over at the paper phenomenon nig site we have a toilet paper mini album challenge. I have never made one before. I have been collecting toilet paper rolls for about 3 months now…My SSSH hates them, I stored them in our linen closet, and so everytime he would get himself a towel to take a shower, all the toilet paper rolls would fall out all over the place….LMAO…..any how he is very happy I have finally done something about them…I was able to get a good first video, but my second and third have no sound after a while…..hummmmmmmm….no answer for that as I have already asked for your patience when we first met….no computer genius here…so I will try to work on the sound lag whatever thing going on as for now I hope this is one time  that an empty roll of toilet paper puts a smile on your face…


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