Happy Valentine’s Day!

I know it’s tomorrow but today was the day to attack my 2 page layout for display in my kitchen. I scrapbook a year in the past and love the emotions I feel when scraping my children, my loves the reason for most of everything and anything I do….my excuse for scrapbooking and for not scrapbooking, funny how that works. I completed my pages by adding some glossy accents to my cricut letters, stickles to my doily stamp…and yes but of course more stamping everywhere love that ….feathers….and buttons oh my!!! Too much fun, I do hope you enjoy the video process and remember just have fun, love what you do no matter how you do it…….


Tag you’re it!



Hello everyone!

I have missed you all so much, seems time has flown by these last few months. I have not scrapbooked at all. Yup, broken all the rules I made and gave you. Seems family has over run my time, let alone that my fabulous SSSHHH had to surprise me with a trip to Santa Maria Cuba!!!! Well, we had the time of our lives, left the kids behind and reminded each other why we got married in the first place. I took over 400 photographs , 400 oh boy I already had 1050 all printed up from costco and now I truly have no excuse with an abundance of paper to choose from and all my favourite scrapbooking gadgets close at hand, you will all just have to sit back and enjoy the ride….because tag you’re it……


Who would of thought?



Who would have thought that the box which held this teapot would turn into a house warming gift?


That’s how my brain works. I work thinking inside the box and ended up with an amazing gift in return. I have saved the ribbons, invitations from all sorts of weddings in the past, with great hopes of making layouts or mini albums to include those seating place cards, I did say hoped? Well this time it worked out, and I am so happy with the outcome, last minute super fast fun junque style mini album made with all sorts personal paper recycled right back to the bride and groom. My video is fast and a bit rushed this was 2 hours before we as a family were on our way to their party……..I hope, you find the inspiration to make one too!







Happy Halloween!

These are the card treats for my daughters classmates this Halloween. I enjoy making , rather challenging myself to keep these treat projects fast and simple. It’s really hard…honestly with all the sparkle , brads and ten thousand other embellishments we have and use on our scrapbooking projects, keeping something plain and simple is going against the grain.  Although simple is often classic, timeless and clean… I have this tiny whisper telling me to add stickles to the stamped image, and I might just do that right after I am done here. Using the studio G stamps from Michael’s, white chalk ink and basic cardstock… a little click from my handy Martha punches, and these inspiring basic stamps turned into the perfect base for my kit kat treats!

I hope you have some fun eating candy, giving candy dressing up like candy…lol whatever floats your boat enjoy, have a happy safe Halloween!!!


Rolodex Mini album

Rolodex Mini album using graphically speaking cricut cartridge

You will need…

16 –   8.5″x11″ black cardstock { or what ever colour you would like your base pages to be }

24 – 12″x12″ patterned paper { you may want to choose an entire paper pad collection and go from there }

2 – 8.5″x11″ chipboard { this is optional depending on how you choose to cover your album }

graphically speaking cricut cartridge

using your cricut , cut out the image on page #67 of the graphically speaking cartridge <imag40-s>

Set the size to 5.5″ {five and a half inches}

cut out all cardstock and patterned paper of your choice in this size.

Cutting out 16 cardtock rolodex cards gives you an 8 page album { cut more if you need to }

If you choose to make the exact album as I have made you will need to cut 24 rolodex cards from your patterned paper, giving you the extra to make the additional ” flap down page”  style as I have shown you.

Cut left over cardstock { scrap leftover after cutting with the cricut} into 4 3/4″ x 2 1/2″ strips these are your hinges, score these at 1 1/8th of an inch and 1 3/8th of an inch { placing 2 1/2 side flush with the top of your score board/tool}

Reload remaining patterned paper into your cricut, cut out your favorite tags for extra journaling spots within your album.

***don’t have a cricut, get some rolodex cards from the dollar store trace out onto patterned paper make some hinges and front and back covers and enjoy!!***

Ten years later…


This is me and SSSHHH…late at night two bottles of wine later ten years in the making.

Raw photo…

Because this is my real life….


I love this photo for too many reasons, first because this is us. Second because this is what we look like late at night after two kids are bathed and put to sleep, after we tidy up the kitchen and make lunches for the next day. When we find those last twenty minutes of our day and sit, Today this was our anniversary, ten years wow…

Where did the time go, what happened who are we…

I was just plain old Monica until Alan came along {a.k.a SSSHHH } together we are monicaandalan or alanandmonica mashed together, blended into one. I love my SSSHHH very much. I thank God everyday for him. Ten years ago I didn’t know where we were headed but the journey has been wonderful so far. There have been some storms, some steep mountains and down right flat tires, but nothing too extreme to overcome. Together, that’s my advice… storms, mountains and flat tires seem easier to handle together. Learn together, laugh together, cry together, forgive together.

I don’t know what my next ten years in this marriage will bring, but from what we been through I do know for sure there will be a lot of laughing, eye rolling and snugly movie nights. We want to be a good strong example for our children,let them know that it takes hard work, humble listening and true heartfelt forgiveness to endure the pressure a marriage faces in today’s society. Family love and support, and the freedom to grow and change with eachother are also part of it’s sustenance. We know we are not the same people we were ten years ago, and sometimes our paths seem to separate…love, two beautiful children and determination seem to always bring our paths back together.

This is a cute little explosion box I made with leftover, we, us photographs…. one of those turned out better then I thought kinda projects…make one for yourself just using leftover photographs.







Card box from work for work…

My co-workers enjoy my crafts… maybe more then I do. They give me such a sense of pride. But sometimes it’s a feeling of guilt. There are times when they have asked me to make a card for someone, and with just everyday life and no better excuse I have felt guilty for not making one. Cardmaking is not my first love in this craft. At times it’s actually my least favorite thing to do. Somehow I always feel like the card starts off well and then I throw it away. Simple I keep telling myself simple. Clean, neater this seems to be on my mind lately with all my projects too much thought and effort turns me off. Although I do enjoy embellishments, such as the flower arrangement  on the box or the cover of a mini album. That type of decorating I can handle but overdoing a layout or card and I shut down.

Using 20 sheets of 8 1/2 x 11 recollections kraft cardstock, I cut half portrait style and the other half landscape style, scoring in the opposite way. To make things run faster, I also pre-cut my white cardstock mats 1/4 inch small all around from the size of my cards an again the patterned paper pre-cut all those to yet again another 1/4 inch smaller all around to mat on top of the white cardstock mat , using martha butterfly stamp set and happy birthday sentiments, the cards quickly came together.

I hope that they make my co-workers happy, smile , team building as they call it is so important. We spend a greater part of our days with these “strangers” sometimes sadly more than with our own family members. I find during these hard times where most companies need us to work harder, longer, faster sometimes we take the stress’ of the economy out on eachother. This is my small way of reminding eachother outside of work we all have a life, family and hobbies that keep us happy…funny how joy spreads, true sincere thoughts and well wishes will touch anyone’s heart …imagine that this box filled with old paper I haven’t thought about for a long time and will put a smile on their face. How’s that for simple.Now you give it a try.