Love at first sight



…If you begin with love everything else falls into place. I have been way too busy. Making excuses. Cleaning. Renovating. Mourning. Avoiding the one room that would get me out of this funk. I know you understand me.



I cleaned out my Sanctuary, my SSSHHH bought me a new work table…and then I looked through all my photographs and found love.

The same feeling I get that compels me to take the photo in the first place., the feeing to fill the emptiness…



I am working on summer photographs from two summers ago. These are the ones I took with my 35mm film camera. It is winter right now -27 outside , these seem to be the perfect time to look back and warm me up.










I have been watch alot of Tracy from mercytiara on you tube, loving her style …finding my groove and realizing that it is ok to grow and change and to let go of something you really don’t enjoy because maybe just maybe the simple act of just scrapbooking is enough for now…In order for me to be good to myself and my children I must find my balance. I found the pressure of making videos too much…took my focus off my passion…I lost the love…



I love this photograph of Gabriella. her silhouette the natural cast of light off the water…I love the summer. I love the beach. I love capturing my love on film. Today is all about love…finding it and never letting go. Scrapbooking has to emote some type of passion inside you…or you cannot sustain it. I hope I can continue to inspire you through simple blog , this keeps me happy and motivated…because it all began with love…a photograph…and some really cool paper.


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