Sister’s 12 x12 scrapsaturday layout

Today is scrapsaturday, and while I have laundry going on behind me I sneak into my sanctuary. There has been this photo of my sister and I on my desk for the last few weeks, and even though I have other projects to complete the photo was calling to me, that fun feeling the craft call that I get when I look at a photograph.


This photograph is of myself on the right and my only sister Lucy. I love her very much, and this year she is engaged to be married. It is a fun, stressful time in her life, one that I can only guide her in…. meaning although I have been there and know in my heart everything you plan for will turn out just fine, and the other stuff that doesn’t turn out won’t matter ten or twenty years from now…it’s simply my job to just let her go through this, just as we all have, give her room to fall and be there with love and understanding and help pick her up…


I completed my layout with some lace trim, I love you ribbon and a few more stamps to balance off the dark doily stamp I placed closer to the photograph. Feeding some light purple embroidery thread through the chipboard buttons gave them more true to life feeling. Making my title letters stand out more, first I used distress  ink over them and then filled each letter in with some glossy accents. Sanding down all the edges of the chipboard pieces and distressing them gives them a more complete finished look.


Using a large pearl earing from the dollar store, I added a touch of class to an already beautiful crocheted flower made by my mother in law. The chipboard photo corner helps draw in some more pink, and but of course the prima bling too draw your eye towards my beautiful sister.


I already loved this photo in it’s original state. The 4×6, Christmas eve photograph probably was originally  intended to be part of a whole Christmas album, but instead I choose to scrapbook it with my heart. This end result is my feelings brought to life on paper with flowers, glue, ink and stamps. It’s a visual of the words that don’t exist in our language, this is how my sister makes me feel, bright blue and pink sparkly and bright…go through your photographs today, listen stop and feel, the right photo is just waiting to be scraped, no rules just feelings use your heart as a guide and then let go, in the end I know you will be just as pleased with your layout as I am with mine……….happy scrapsaturday…with love …for you Lucy..



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