Tag you’re it!



Hello everyone!

I have missed you all so much, seems time has flown by these last few months. I have not scrapbooked at all. Yup, broken all the rules I made and gave you. Seems family has over run my time, let alone that my fabulous SSSHHH had to surprise me with a trip to Santa Maria Cuba!!!! Well, we had the time of our lives, left the kids behind and reminded each other why we got married in the first place. I took over 400 photographs , 400 oh boy I already had 1050 all printed up from costco and now I truly have no excuse with an abundance of paper to choose from and all my favourite scrapbooking gadgets close at hand, you will all just have to sit back and enjoy the ride….because tag you’re it……



2 thoughts on “Tag you’re it!

    • Lucky you Wende, We thought about moving to a warmer climate, the turquoise waters…..ahhhh
      so much inspiration from nature, I hope you take one hour everyday just to sit and look at how beautiful it is where you live!!!! Thank you for the comment xox

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