Who would of thought?



Who would have thought that the box which held this teapot would turn into a house warming gift?


That’s how my brain works. I work thinking inside the box and ended up with an amazing gift in return. I have saved the ribbons, invitations from all sorts of weddings in the past, with great hopes of making layouts or mini albums to include those seating place cards, I did say hoped? Well this time it worked out, and I am so happy with the outcome, last minute super fast fun junque style mini album made with all sorts personal paper recycled right back to the bride and groom. My video is fast and a bit rushed this was 2 hours before we as a family were on our way to their party……..I hope, you find the inspiration to make one too!








One thought on “Who would of thought?

  1. Monica, I am writing to you here and on your YouTube channel to let you know that I am giving out your name and channel on my Blog. I just made my first TP mini and although I watched many a tutorial, I enjoyed yours the best! Check out my blog – http://thewomenswaitingroom.blogspot.com
    Mine is very simple compared to yours but I hope the teacher will give me an A for effort! Many thanks for the inpsiration!

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