Happy Halloween!

These are the card treats for my daughters classmates this Halloween. I enjoy making , rather challenging myself to keep these treat projects fast and simple. It’s really hard…honestly with all the sparkle , brads and ten thousand other embellishments we have and use on our scrapbooking projects, keeping something plain and simple is going against the grain.  Although simple is often classic, timeless and clean… I have this tiny whisper telling me to add stickles to the stamped image, and I might just do that right after I am done here. Using the studio G stamps from Michael’s, white chalk ink and basic cardstock… a little click from my handy Martha punches, and these inspiring basic stamps turned into the perfect base for my kit kat treats!

I hope you have some fun eating candy, giving candy dressing up like candy…lol whatever floats your boat enjoy, have a happy safe Halloween!!!



2 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. Gaby says:

    You are sooo awesome! I love your videos and creative ideas. Even though I don’t know you when I watch your videos I feel like I’m watching a close friend. Thanks for your weekly inspiration.

    • Gaby, thank you so much I am humbled by your kind words…but it is your comment that encourages me to keep sharing through my blog and videos.
      Thank you so much again, and enjoy this season with me!!! Big hug to you xoxoxo Monica

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