Ten years later…


This is me and SSSHHH…late at night two bottles of wine later ten years in the making.

Raw photo…

Because this is my real life….


I love this photo for too many reasons, first because this is us. Second because this is what we look like late at night after two kids are bathed and put to sleep, after we tidy up the kitchen and make lunches for the next day. When we find those last twenty minutes of our day and sit, Today this was our anniversary, ten years wow…

Where did the time go, what happened who are we…

I was just plain old Monica until Alan came along {a.k.a SSSHHH } together we are monicaandalan or alanandmonica mashed together, blended into one. I love my SSSHHH very much. I thank God everyday for him. Ten years ago I didn’t know where we were headed but the journey has been wonderful so far. There have been some storms, some steep mountains and down right flat tires, but nothing too extreme to overcome. Together, that’s my advice… storms, mountains and flat tires seem easier to handle together. Learn together, laugh together, cry together, forgive together.

I don’t know what my next ten years in this marriage will bring, but from what we been through I do know for sure there will be a lot of laughing, eye rolling and snugly movie nights. We want to be a good strong example for our children,let them know that it takes hard work, humble listening and true heartfelt forgiveness to endure the pressure a marriage faces in today’s society. Family love and support, and the freedom to grow and change with eachother are also part of it’s sustenance. We know we are not the same people we were ten years ago, and sometimes our paths seem to separate…love, two beautiful children and determination seem to always bring our paths back together.

This is a cute little explosion box I made with leftover, we, us photographs…. one of those turned out better then I thought kinda projects…make one for yourself just using leftover photographs.








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