Card box from work for work…

My co-workers enjoy my crafts… maybe more then I do. They give me such a sense of pride. But sometimes it’s a feeling of guilt. There are times when they have asked me to make a card for someone, and with just everyday life and no better excuse I have felt guilty for not making one. Cardmaking is not my first love in this craft. At times it’s actually my least favorite thing to do. Somehow I always feel like the card starts off well and then I throw it away. Simple I keep telling myself simple. Clean, neater this seems to be on my mind lately with all my projects too much thought and effort turns me off. Although I do enjoy embellishments, such as the flower arrangement  on the box or the cover of a mini album. That type of decorating I can handle but overdoing a layout or card and I shut down.

Using 20 sheets of 8 1/2 x 11 recollections kraft cardstock, I cut half portrait style and the other half landscape style, scoring in the opposite way. To make things run faster, I also pre-cut my white cardstock mats 1/4 inch small all around from the size of my cards an again the patterned paper pre-cut all those to yet again another 1/4 inch smaller all around to mat on top of the white cardstock mat , using martha butterfly stamp set and happy birthday sentiments, the cards quickly came together.

I hope that they make my co-workers happy, smile , team building as they call it is so important. We spend a greater part of our days with these “strangers” sometimes sadly more than with our own family members. I find during these hard times where most companies need us to work harder, longer, faster sometimes we take the stress’ of the economy out on eachother. This is my small way of reminding eachother outside of work we all have a life, family and hobbies that keep us happy…funny how joy spreads, true sincere thoughts and well wishes will touch anyone’s heart …imagine that this box filled with old paper I haven’t thought about for a long time and will put a smile on their face. How’s that for simple.Now you give it a try.




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