Back to Scrap…..



This has been our life for the last few weeks…dust…but now it’s back to school for my offspring and back to scrap for momma! We have had one beautiful summer here in Canada. I love the summer. I also love scrapbooking and am near withdrawal symptoms if I don’t start up again. The photograph above is of my offspring in what will be their new playroom. My SSSHH { he has be given an extra H, for handy now known as super sexy supportive handy husband !!!! LOL } has been working hard and we are proud of him. My daughter will be going to school on Wednesday, but as for my son this is his first year and I have to be strong.


I have given him all the basic training. He is a good boy. He is smart, funny and very squishy. He is my Friday afternoon nap buddy. I will miss him.

I am by no means a smothering type of momma, sometimes too tough.  Some how my tough and the outside world tough are not the same. I remember when my daughter went to school she matured on that first day more than in all her four years of life. Boys are different. He can turn into a pirate and ironman, he can build you a lego spaceship and ride our family dog like a champion equestrian but print his name??? Or recite the alphabet?? Count??? Yeah he can, when he wants too or if I blackmale him, or if he has absolutely nothing else better to play…then yeah he can.My daughter on the other hand, she was like the best trained seal, main attraction of the circus ….“and for her next trick the alphabet backwards…” lol

I have made a video of my daughters apple mini album, from her first day of school four years ago. it is basic simple…very sweet. It makes me smile.

I have also attempted to show my scrapbooking room, my sanctuary I myself will be going back to scrap this September and I am hoping that this scrap year  of 2011-2012  you my friends, will be in my class so we can copy from eachother all year long…..get your cricuts ready…pack a snack…..and let’s head back…





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