No Scrapin’ Time…

I miss you all so much, well I miss sharing my projects with you….

To be honest I love the summer. Love spending time with my offspring, being bare foot outside and swimming. Winter is hard and long here. Winter in known as the season of scrapbooking in my household. I have been in my sanctuary maybe 3 times, just to make quick last minute cards. On top of all the summer adventures I have been on or will be on we have a huge and I mean huge project on the go….My SSSH is finishing our basement!

We had to start with clearing out the basement, we have been married for 9 3/4 years and in this house for just over 5 years. I am shocked at the amount of things we just put down there for the heck of it. Our home is small but very cute. We love our neighbourhood, and are very blessed to live together in a house. Sometimes all of us forget that many people around the world and even just within our own towns and cities are not able to afford food let alone a house. Completing our basement will just make our family movie nights that much more fun, gatherings and crazy card games more cozy, and the fact that we.. that I am so very lucky to have an amazing hard working handy SSSH he just completes my life.

As we sorted through our belongings I came across my SSSH’s old Nikon F50 35mm camera  , he had purchased it 15 years ago…we are not too sure but most of our dating years and even our honeymoon was shot with this camera.

I purchased a new battery, in the camera bag I found some film, 3 black and white rolls and one colour, played around with it and became inspired….I challenged myself to only use this camera for all our summer vacation/family trips we would be taking together. And so this past week we have been camping, to a beautiful place called the pinery campground just off the beach on the shores of lake Huron. I would put a picture up but…they need to be developed, the rolls just filled up, 24 photos ummm we take that in 30 seconds, you see this challenge taught me so much. First that we don’t need to control everything, meaning each photograph doesn’t need to be perfect…we don’t need 500 shots of one thing, stopped my SHHH at one point he just kept shooting and I said honey stop it’s our last roll save the precious few shots for what we really want to capture….It wasn’t our last roll but he changed the way he saw things the pictures he wanted to take and ultimately the memories we ended up capturing. We did run out of film, and it was one the  night of the sunset, a first as a family the most beautiful thing ever over Lake Huron, I was sad, regretful of leaving my digital camera at home. My SSSH reminded me….” baby some things are just for us…you me the kids …no one else..” this made me smile and I hope you all understand. Take my challenge either with an old camera borrowed one even, or set a limit with your digital camera, imagine you only have 24 photographs what moments will you choose. I will get a photograph CD made at the time of development, and share the photographs with you as for now I still have a few weeks of being a momma, the cleaning lady and a beach babe { lol } BUT I promise back to school = back to scrap for me and I have many many wonderful Ideas albums and fun projects to share and make with you…so hang in there I’m still here just not here….Big hugs to all..Thank you to all my subscribers here and on youtube lots of love see you in a few weeks….


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