What I have made… for others

This is me {right}. This is my niece Cassy #7. She loves converse. Watch see for yourself…

I love making things for others…others being my family and friends. The rush of seeing their face is the biggest reward. Sometimes we make albums that may not get used, or seem too overwhelming to add too, you know the other reaction…” oh very nice but….” In this case I have asked to borrow back the album that is now full of love…and is a hit at family gatherings. Love this graphic groovy paper….whoa better watch myself…keep things real ya like totally….before I seem un cool  or in Cassy term “DRY”  The top reason why I love this album it that it’s a hobby for another hobby, my passion holding her passion and what better way to remember the best shoe collection ever! So think outside the box and follow my nieces lead take photographs of your hobby, and or collection and display it, share, it and take it with to your nursing home so you can always be the coolest niece ever!!! no matter what!!!


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