Watermelon Summer Smash 2011 journal…

They always say that what every you make for others you never make for yourself??? Can you believe I have never made a journal for my daughter before? I feel almost sad, but I have made tons of mini albums and regular albums for her but not just for her…Junque journals smash books…are everywhere and my daughter loves to collect and journal = watermelon summer smash journal. I will be purchasing some masking tape at our local dollar store. I will encourage teach my daughter how to tape decorate stamp colour doodle and create folds inside her journal, to keep any loose papers flyers tags…ect.. she may find and acquire this summer. She will be going to a new school next year , a hard challenge for anyone to face. I am hoping that this will be her ice breaker…take a look , get to know me….let’s start here…I know what you did last summer…watermelon smash style…


Supplies and Measurements:

8 x 81/2 x 11 inch cardstock { 2 of each colour you wish to use }

16 or more patterned paper cut down from original 12 x 12 inch size to 7 x 12 inches

{ save left over 5 x 12 patterned paper strips for a future mini album}

Lined three hole regular paper as much as you would like in your journal


Using the preserves cricut cartridge cut the watermelon shape found on page 38 cut out all the layers including the black plain cut for your seeds my size is 6 1/4 inches all layers to match are cut on this size all patterned pages are cut using the regular base shape of the watermelon at 6 1/4 then using one of these pages trace watermelon shape onto lined paper cut out and sand down any extra roughness to create a smooth edge



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