Canada Day junque Mini album… the kit gathering…





The challenge most common to scrapbookers is using the supplies you have spent years collecting. I hear about this on almost every other you tube video I watch. This obsession, the extream hoarding…the inability to actually use the supplies we have on hand? Why are we like this? On one of my first forum posting in my local community, I had a few responses ..” oh, yeah I should tell my mother about your blog, she’s got all sorts of scrapbooking crap collected…but I don’t think she knows what to do with it..” , ..” My basement is full of scrabooking supplies but I don’t know where to start..”

I’m not judging you, you are not alone I too have the desire to buy collect and buy some more. I am simply proposing an alliance not a challenge but a guideline…a path…If from today on you make a strong effort to look at all your supplies, gather, purge or donate, trade sell.. STOP this too becomes a cycle, I don’t want you to give up your stuff, I don’t want you too feel guilty for buying all that paper, what I want from this is your happiness coming through onto those papers with those embellishments. I want you to cut up things glue things down and use that cricut cartdrige you bought two years ago and CREATE something…ANYTHING!!!

Tell me your story.

Show me your dreams.

Follow your heart.

If words have any power then maybe this is your lucky day. I find the word junque/ junk which ever you please takes the pressure off of perfect, we keep repeating the statement …”there is no right or wrong way to scrap…” and so by assembling scraps, half used embellishments the last lonely bling or sticker, putting all your favorite ideas off of you tube into one junque mini album, you might just be your way out. You don’t need to buy anything except for glue…six month guideline, or even 12 month guideline? I don’t know how far I can push you how much encouragement you need, all I ask is that today you go to your supplies find your favorite scraps the ones you loved so much that a one inch by half inch scrap  could by no means be thrown away, and I want you to make something….for you…to keep, and display as a reminder that there is a reason for everything…even a little scrap…




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