Graphic 45 Curtain Call Ticket mini complete…

Where do I begin…Let`s see I started to embellish my album at about 7:00pm last night. I had already gathered most of my embellishments into a basket. This for me makes things easier.I started with my tags. I distressed them using walnut stain, and continued by also stamping my images with the same ink. Using my favorite aqua blue colour as my accent , Bahia breeze stampin` up ink came in handy. The rest my friends is history repeating itself, when I free my mind, turn up the music and let my hands guide me…even I myself to be honest am amazed at how things turn out…because in the end when I`m done and the trance is broken it is then that I see…

….As I finish this video, I am giddy, overjoyed and completely satisfied…11:15pm..

I make it to bed by 12:30am, my SSSH is snoring…I wake him…“ come see what I`ve made I say…“ hoping my excitement is contagious..He is sweet and follows me…wow he says nice…but he is more happy to see me happy, he tells me I am like a little child at Christmas…that ..“this stuff really makes you happy eh…“  We get back to bed…but I cannot sleep…I am too happy ….the need to show and share…it`s what we have in common…Thank you for being my audience…Just like all our favorite actors and actresses , this is my break out role…I am hoping my happiness comes through the paper, that I am up for a nomination…and that you will watch for me again…..The End .   


4 thoughts on “Graphic 45 Curtain Call Ticket mini complete…

  1. Jessica says:

    So there I was watching the video of your finished album. And all of a sudden you started opening it up from the other side!!! It actually made me gasp! Ok…how did you do that? I see the still pic of the way it stand’s up. And I’m going to watch the other video to see if the instructions are there. But thanks for showing me something new.
    I’m new to the site, but so far I’m loving it.

    • Jessica secretly I gasped too…lol love your reaction and that’s the whole point of me making these videos to share my passion for paper crafts…yes my other videos {I hope } show how get the “ticket stub formation” super fun fast really and I hope you make one…Have fun and Welcome aboard my scrapsaturday journey…Big hug Monica

  2. Jessica says:

    Wow, thanks for the quick response. I have watched the rest of the videos and see how it is done. But it’s still a sort of hard to wrap my brain around. hehe I’ve gotten all the paper measurements etc in my journal. I have the Graphic 45 Springtime paper, and was looking for something to use it for. But I think I’ll have to get another pack to have enought paper. And also need to decide what color to make my undersides. I’m thinking either a deep brown, or green. I’ll probly go with te brown, as I have a bunch of that. I’ll let you know if and when I do so I can share my creation with you. Thanks a bunch

    • I would love to see what you make, no pressure take your time plan it out and then go for it…I feel any patterned paper is beautiful, any theme goes well it’s what your heart tells you that matters and the ” gasping ” at the end when we are done…thank you so much for sharing this hobby with me…Big hug monica

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