The best scrapsaturday ever….

This was the best Saturday ever! My daughter had her first communion. I was not able to find time to make any invitations for my family members, most of them shared their feelings of sadness with me. They all have become so used to my cards, not only for their beauty but as a keep sake for our family special events. I have to say , I do feel empty…but rewind I cannot, and part of this hobby is getting through life and finding a balance between both. I used the time I did have to make these beautiful thank you cards. Each female guest was given a crinkled satin pouch, in which a vintage rosary was placed inside.

The cards when folded measure 3 inches by 3 inches. Cut with recollections cardstock, in ivory. I used a K & company stamp set, I have had for years. The rosette, was stamped twice. Once in a light shade of pink {pink pirouette, stampin’ up } and then again, but off centre to the initial stamped image with a darker shade of pink    { pretty in pink stampin’ up } . My flourish stamp came from a set that I again use all the time and have had for many years, I do not know what company makes it {sorry}  Using some silver metallic dollar store ink, I randomly stamped the flourish as if to make leaves for my rosette. Adding a small beautiful dollar store paper flower  { they come this way, pink and lovely } My SSSH came into the room just as I was almost done adding some stickles to my paper flowers just for some extra sparkle…he suggested a light swipe of stickles over some shaded areas of my stamped rosette, and I loved his idea ! Using my big bite, I punched large holes through both layers of the folded card, used the ribbon from the satin pouches, { it’s own closure and fed them through the punched hole and a simple light knot held the two together. I placed the gift pouches on a silver platter, for some extra vintage flare. I decorated my home with handmade crochet, {my mother in law} and hand embroidered table linens { my paternal grandmother, whom I never got to meet}, vintage family heirlooms, whites, creams , crystals and silver …..all these handmade crafts coming together to complete the warm feeling of love , family and God.

….And so as I post  these photographs, I feel as though it was all to fast, did I miss something?

No I have missed nothing, because of wonderful family that love us, support us, I have enjoyed every minute…because of scrapbooking I will relive every moment…because God blessed me with a beautiful daughter I am forever blessed with these moments in time… every time I looked through my camera lens , I saw a story, my story…my love…myself…we are in control of so much more then this…we have the power of life with paper…my daughter will remember this day…exactly…as I scrap it…it’s through my body she came to be and from my hands that she will remember…


2 thoughts on “The best scrapsaturday ever….

  1. marlene says:

    I’ve never left a comment on this thing!
    Love the photo by the train tracks…she looked precious.
    It was the perfect day , so much fun!
    Cant wait to see how you scrap the communion photos!!!
    oxox Marlene:)

    • …Good job like me there is always a first for everything..if you had sent me a BBM OMG…it would take me a lifetime to figure it out..
      Marlene your support, love and friendship is worth so much to me and priceless to my children, thank you always just for being you!
      oxoxoxo right back at ya….

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