Graphic 45 Curtain call Ticket mini Album…

This is what can be found on my drafting table as we speak…my new project, Graphic 45 curtain call ticket mini album. Follow along with me. Use whatever paper you like. This is my basic supply list for the basic construction of this mini album…in good scrapsaturdays style feel free to improvise as you need to suit your budget and personal style…as long as you are inspired ….and happy.

What Tools you need…

  • Cricut
  • mickey font cartridge/page 123 ticket image
  • score board, bone folder
  • Scotch quick dry glue
  • hot glue gun
  • red sticky tape/score tape
  • ATG
Paper supplies and measurements…
  • 2x   8.5×11 chipboard  OR 1x  12×12
  • 18x  12×12 patterned paper  {minimum} 
  • 15x  12×12   {black} cardstock  OR 30x  8.5×11
  • 6x   8.5×11 {ivory} cardstock
Sizes for your cricut…
  • Cut chipboard, cover patterned paper { 2 or 4 ONLY } and all cardstock page bases using Ticket Shadow feature, size will be 5.0″ {five inches}
  • Cut all cardstock hinges using Ticket shadow feature, size will be 5.0″ {five inches}
  • Cut remaining pattern paper as inside pages to layer on top of shadow feature cardstock pages, using regular Ticket button and NO feature buttons, size still 5.0″ {five inches} this allows for proper layering right over shadow page base
  • Cut photo mats using shadow feature and regular ticket for same layering effect as album pages, size will be 4.0″ {four inches}
  • Score hinges @ 5.0″ and 5.25″  {five inches & five and one quarter inches}
If you do not have a cricut…
…just cut out rectangles that measure 5.0″ wide by 10″ long, use a circle punch to make half moon cuts {like we do for tag pulls} and the use scissors  with a stamp deco  edge for the straight edge remaining around half moon cut …repeat same process for inside photo mats 4.0″wide 8.0″long …cut patterned paper 1/8 th of an inch smaller all around for a shadow effect….

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