Life’s a Beach shorts mini album mission complete…

Not to say that every scrapbook process is amazing, because honestly sometimes it’s not. There are a few times when I walk a way from a project to down right abandonment…the papers must sing to me…the flow has to be easy…the result moving…I have grown as a scrapbooker, in the sense where if I don’t feel the love…I put my project on hold. Give it three different chances, then finally I will recycle what I can and move on guilt free. Not all ideas are good. Not all ideas work out. If you never attempt them you will never know. Thinking outside the box is easy…having the courage to do it is hard. This mini album was a great idea in my head. I had the papers on my shelf for 3 years. I love making things different with my own style and touch if you will, I like to borrow great ideas but not to make things exactly like everyone else. The zipper idea was so much fun, when put into practice it was my greatest challenge, I am glad I gave it my best shot, that I shared the good and the bad with you. In the end everything fell into place…and by accident I mixed two very different styled cricut cartridges together to complete my album. I am super excited with the out come. The mini is bright, detailed and very interactive. Keeping with my goals for this year I used old paper, and embellishments that I had. Finding new ways to enjoy my cricut to the max and using photographs that have been forgotten…that’s the feeling I’m talking about, giving life to a memory, these photographs are from our summer boating trips on lake Ontario down to centre Island…It’s my fathers dream…his passion… how lucky we are too have a boat, a lake, family time together, how lucky for my offspring to enjoy time with their grand father at his best…in the end paper is just paper…but a scrapbookers hand can bring memories to life..forever..


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