Where have I been…

Finding balance between everyday life and scrapbooking is hard. This past month has been busy in our home. With Easter, a birthday, and spring trying to peak through. My priority is my family. Next comes the outdoors, { only with sunshine and above 10 degrees } next is my marriage, need to keep my SSSH happy ! When all is said and done, I scrapbook. I have been sneaking in some crafting, but no hardcore project completing time as of late. I am not sad. This list of priorities make me more happy then scrapbooking, without them I would probably have no reason to scrap. Making time for memories is important. Not scrapbooking for a few days or weeks in a row is totally fine. Sometimes during a layout when things  are just not going my way, when I realize how tired I am ,I just walk out. Coming back to my unfinished work a couple of days later, refreshed and happy changes everything! I have been working on some Mother’s day invites for my sister’s work place. Using the preserves cricut cartridge, I cut out this double strawberry at 3 inches. Using my dots embossing folder to add dimension to the strawberries, stickles with some yellow undertones for the seeds. I have 50 cards to make. I batch make them. Cut, paste,and decorate. Where have I been you say, I’m always right here…just waiting for my turn…I believe I’m next in line…


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