Gate fold Easter coffee table mini album…

This gate fold mini album is the one that Kathryn from the scrap beach had made. Her album was a sister album I believe. This will be displayed for Easter on my coffee table. I like to scrapbook one year behind. I aim to have my projects done for the enjoyment of our guests, each year for the same events. We get to share our memories, perspectives from the year before. My 12×12 albums, I keep them by theme, for example: my Christmas one comes out in November, all my family and friends that may come through our home get to pick it up and enjoy. Keeping your albums out and accessible is part of the rewarding feeling scrapbooking gives you, because you will see their reactions. The excitement the ooooh’s and ahhh’s ! Don’t know where to start, well Easter is just around the corner, so maybe a quick 12×12 layout for this Sunday is doable, what to aim for next…Last summer…where did you go…just your back yard…good place to start, make a mini about last summer or a full 12×12 album or just a couple of layouts to display in a shadowbox. Remember have fun doing it! { If the scheduling seems to much work, or you are already feel stressed out, forget it…just go to the beat of your own drum.}  Have an album/layout from Easter 2, 5 or 10 years ago, bring it out re-live that moment, see how much your style has changed. I will post a video after Easter of the inside details of this gate fold mini. I hope you feel inspired to make some coffee table albums to share this Easter and at other times and seasons of the year…mini album hunt…sounds cute…place little mini albums around your home…treasures of years past to enjoy and cherish forever…


4 thoughts on “Gate fold Easter coffee table mini album…

  1. wow! It’s beautiful! And yes, I always place my albums on the coffeetable for a while too. So fun to see what everybody thinks of them and to keep looking at the photo’s myself too!
    Thanks for sharing!

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