Well I was so excited to follow along this Saturday with kathy, and the pita babes. We were to make this exploding easter basket. It took me all week end to weave this paper…or so it felt like it! I am so impressed so far with the way it has turned out, and as hard and tedious weaving can be, I love love love the look. I am not finished…I am going to have to put in some serious scrapsaturday over time this week…forget Easter dinner we’ll order take out… and So now I am faced with five projects this week;

  1. Easter pencil treats for offspring classmates/teacher card { twenty two to make }
  2. three mini albums with photographs of last years Easter to complete( two are gifts for grandparents) { one is coffee table deco guest entertainment mini }
  3. Easter cards for said grandparents  { they expect handmade cards now }
  4. Easter explosion basket { refer to exhibit one and two below }
  5. Explosion basket turned tool box with offspring birthday photographs from last year…{ yeah good luck it will get }

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