Inside this mini album I put my love. My SSSH is a big reason why I am able to scrapbook. He loves me. But more than that, he allows me guilt free time for my hobby. We went to Niagara Falls, last year for our anniversary. We have never gone anywhere without the offspring. This is one on my favorite albums. Each time I look through the pages, the photographs remind me of our love. Blue, aqua, turquoise make me happy! There are no kiddie pages, actually some pages make me blush…we all have our challenges, marriage is a hard, full time job…there are many rainy days, second guessing and down right thunder storms. MY SHHH is my high school sweetheart, 20 years later…and our story continues. Make a book about your love…and on those stormy days when life throws us overboard and you think why am I here who did I marry when did we get this way…trust me I know…make a tea..grab a blanket and curl up with your reminder that somewhere somehow there is always a rainbow.


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