Scrapsaturdays…Life’s a beach ..?

Tonight I will be working in my sanctuary…making a life’s a beach mini album, a cute pair of swimming trunks!

Enjoy…have a happy scrapsaturday !


5 thoughts on “Scrapsaturdays…Life’s a beach ..?

  1. Nadine says:

    I found your blog through Pita Babe Central I love your work and your philosophy. I am a single mother who works full time and takes care of my mother. So many scrapping opportunities have passed me by because I feel guilty about scrapping instead of doing all the million and one things that always need to be done around the house. I may have to adopt your philosophy and give myself permission to do something for myself at least every once in a while. Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful creations.

    • You more than anyone deserve some time to scrapbook, I think you are wonderful to not only be a single mother but to also care for your mother, loving your children comes naturally, loving your mother and helping her when she needs you most is what you do from your heart, now find those same feelings and apply them to your passions and hobbies, love yourself the same way you love others no guilt, start with one day a week for 1 hour. Thank you for sharing your time with me.

    • Yes I will post a finished video/photographs…I love your in the ‘ pig ‘ ture layout just too cute I will scraplift it for sure!
      Thank you for the love…enjoy this journey of scrapbooking!

  2. sherry-quiller says:

    Just saw you on Kathy’s ning site. Love the swim trunk mini, very clever idea. Hope you post pictures of the inside when finished. I also have that cartridge and have used it alot!


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