Scraps of my life …

The scraps of our lives we all have them, what do we do about them…make cards I say! I have a huge pile saved up just for card making. You can have a scraps trade. We all gravitate to certain themes and colors, someone else`s scraps are your treasure! My sister In law scrapbooks with me and buys the best paper, I love her scraps, I recently gave my mother in law a card, my sister in law said nice paper! Ummm yeah it`s your scraps…it was the best reaction. There is a limit, if you are overwhelmed with scrap paper , take deep breath, you can do this, walk to the recycling bin and , it`s ok I promise, really…throw them all away and start fresh. No guilt.Papers large enough to make a card base, cut them to size and score them and use a photo box to store them until your ready to make a card. Scrap n`save your Scraps…find your punches…make some cards…put a smile on someones face and a flutter of pride in your heart! 


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