When do we scrap…

I am a typical momma, and have a full time job. My SSSH is very hands on and helpful, but still a typical male. I share my completed albums with family friends and co works. These are all different types of people, with the same response “…wow nice but when do you find the time to do this…”

Lets be honest here I don’t scrapbook everyday. I scrapbook every Saturday for a minimum of 1 hour to a full blown 12 hour all day scrap marathon. I demand this time for myself. Life gets in the way. I have laundry, two kids, a dog, a boss, a mother , a sister…but what good am I too anyone if am not good to myself? Having my two offsprings was the best thing ever. We are blessed. I gave up my body,stayed home for a year with each of them, breastfed another huge sacrifice of myself, time and body wise…I worked evenings for 5 years to balance my home life …and lost myself.

I know you have heard it before make time for yourself, it’s so easy to say but hard to do, or is it the guilt ?

I always felt guilty in the beginning, sad for leaving my kids, left out, bad momma feelings.On the flip side when I didn’t make time for myself I was angry, feeling like what about me? Fighting with my SSSH so many times about nothing, looking for excuses, reasons why I didn`t have time for myself. The only person to blame is you. The only person who can make time is you. The only thing stopping you is you. When I finally understood this I took an honest look at my life. I am worth 1 hour a week.  It is not a waste of my time. My kids will survive without me for 1 hour. My house will not fall apart.I am not a bad momma.

Find 1 hour this week, when you say…how about right now…


2 thoughts on “When do we scrap…

  1. Wow, I am pretty sure you just described me. I feel the same way you do, including the working evenings. Made me tear up a little, but I appreciate your honesty, its very hard to balance everything and keep everyone else happy even when it means putting “you” to the side. I envy you, have a great weekend!

    • Thank you for your response, I am also a pharmacy assistant ! we have a lot in common !
      I am so glad you took some of your me time to visit my blog thank you !
      Have a great week end too!

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