What I keep in my reach…


My work station is an old drafting table, given to my SSSH from a father of a childhood friend. It has special meaning to us. My SSSH painted the table white, and distressed the edges for a vintage look, we love the way it turned out. Recently I just found out that I prefer to scrapbook standing versus sitting down. Standing makes me more mobile,  I am able to move around my room to reach for things use, my cricut and so on. Working from right to left find out what I keep in my reach and why …

My carousel by making memories, was purchased from Michael’s with a 50% coupon. It stores everything from A-Z , the best feature is the lazy susan spin around base. Hot glue gun , was re-introduced to me by one of my favorite blogs paperphenomenon.blogspot.com  , Kathy, has made me a believer ! Hot glue is fast and strong, great for embellishments you don’t ever want to fall off, gluing down seams of mini albums that will get a lot of use.My model is cordless which works best for me, as long as I have my glue stick refills close by…Fiskars paper trimmer anyone ? I use this all the time to cut paper with. I have the simple small version, it does have a extendable arm to accommodate 12 x 12 paper , my creative memories guillotine style paper trimmer, was one of my very first tool investments made 9 years ago. I trim / crop my photographs only with this, still sharp as ever ! Big bite crop-a-dial, I never owned the small version so I cannot compare , I enjoy adding eyelets and brads to my projects, making mini albums and punching holes through chipboard and two layers of cardstock in one shot gives me goose bumps !  My ATG…love it ! Saves me time and money can’t leave home without it. Using it mainly to adhere patterned paper and photographs to my layouts. Spice rack? Yes it’s a spice rack with yet another rotating bottom–awesome , keeps all my brads , eyelets and small thingies all together and within my reach. Ahhhhhh lastly we get to the best part the remote control, yep for my stereo, no music no scrap…I love to dance around my room while I scrapbook music makes me happy motivates me. Quinton Tarantino made a music cd about all the songs used in his movies, he explained how songs trigger emotions from events we have been through or in his case watched…music connects us to memories, scrapbooking captures and embellishes those memories….” And she’s buying her stairway to heaven…..”


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