Where do we go from here….

My first intentions were to begin with the basic tools needed to survive this journey, then it hit me what good is a pair of scissors with no photographs to crop ? Today’s technology supports scrapbookers like crazy! I mean practically every gadget you own can take a photograph, why even a refrigerator can ??? How useful are these gadgets really , when all our photographs are stuck in the twilight zone …Time for scrapsaturdays 5 step intervention…………………..

1. How many photographs do you really need to take at every event 20, 35, 60?! Set a goal 5 to 10 pictures at most, make them different don’t take 11 pictures of the same pose with 11 different guests yell out group huddle and take one picture of everyone together and a few more of different things around you. Reached your 10 photographs, great now put the camera down and enjoy yourself, part of feeling overwhelmed with scrapbooking starts with taking too many photographs of the same thing! Also standing behind the camera you sometimes feel left out on some hands on moments going on around you.

2.Stop, Focus, & DELETE ! Honestly ask yourself do you love this photograph? Use a rating system 1 – 5 stars just like at a Caribbean resort…would you stay in a 2 or 3 star hotel ( yes I know I have two offspring’s and at this point even in a freakin tent right on the beach with only airplane peanuts to eat would be amazing but stay with me here people!!! focus) Ahhem….The same rules apply to your photographs, 3 1/2 to 5 stars stay, the rest delete. Getting into the habit of deleting right after you preview your picture is the best, saving time and cutting down on all the second guessing later on. Need a second chance, once you have uploaded them on to your computer the photographs come into better perspective , be considerate to your subjects does your sister truly look good ? If not, gain everyones trust and just delete the not so good , the bad and the down right ugly!

3. Hot potato pass it on….Capture your own beauty! The black and white photograph on my shelf in my first post is my absolute favorite photograph of the most beautiful woman I have ever met ….my mother! technology was not on her side when she was growing up , therefore pictures of her are rare. Celebrate who you are what you like and how you look! Play around with angles, practice in front of  mirror just like we did when we were teenagers…but whatever you do of the 5 to 10 photographs you take you must be in at least 3 of them…deal!

4. Routine, Routine, Routine…just like a baby eats poops and sleeps you must find a routine to get your photographs printed! Once a week, once a month whatever works best for you but stick to it! Most major stores have photo centers available, pre-order online and simply pick up your photos where you shop most. Have a to do list add this to it remind yourself, force yourself until it’s second nature. On a tight budget, get only 5 to 10 photographs printed. You will get either 5 double photo layouts or 10 single photo layouts or a complete 5 page mini album done, plenty of work too keep you busy and scrappin’ best of all less pictures to sort through more manageable, everyone is happy you and your bank account!

5.JUST GO FOR IT ALREADY!….Your photographs are not in order, your 5 years behind? DOES NOT MATTER!!! Pick your absolute favorite photograph…look at it, relive the moment, write about it, cut, glue and paste it! You have no deadlines this is your passion your hobby you are in control, don’t over think, just scrap! The fact you’ve made it with me to step number 5 is fantastic…everyday I drop off my female offspring at school I always tell her, ” think with your heart “……it will tell you if it’s right and that is all that matters.

Now then go on, get a snack and repeat step number 5 until the cows come home, or in may case until my SSSH comes home…………..” WILLLLLMA…WHERE’S MY DINNER……”


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