My Sanctuary…well almost..

I have been upgraded from the dungeon…(the basement) my SSSH (super,sexy,supportive,husband) spent six days and nights building this for me….(thank you..evol ..) It was like an episode of divine design around here…I was not allowed to peek…. blown away to tears by the end results…..I began my scrapbooking hobby about 9 years ago… side tracked…and ended up with two offspring’s…first a girl then a boy….lost my self in the shuffle…..being a momma is hard work….yelling.. cleaning…..yelling.. cleaning some more…..I needed to find where I was and… what I was heading towards….scrapbooking guides me….it’s my pause for the day… photographs show me the truth…..when I was barley awake…..when I finally took a shower…that I almost found my make up bag…….we live a simple modest life… my offspring will not inherit millions they will inherit memories…..( and maybe my VISA bill …someone has to pay for my supplies!! )….This is my journey through scrapbooking…..I hope you enjoy my work….I am from the technology gap generation…somehow what I learned in my high school dot matrix class became obsolete …all that time //////// slashing to create a flashing dot on my screen was a waste of time…bare with me………..the photographs below are of my craft room….my Saturday sanctuary well almost… as you can see exhibit number two captures the offspring….they found a way in…..I hope you do too….welcome to scrapsaturdays…xo


4 thoughts on “My Sanctuary…well almost..

  1. I’m so proud of you Babe! I hope that your sanctuary will bring you closer to Scrapbooking. You’ve sacrificed so much in the last 8 years with nothing but make-do’s.
    It’s time for you to show your talent, express your love and flourish those memories we all hide and forget about in that shoe box under all of our beds.

    You deserve it…you go GIRL!

  2. MONICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As much as I am not a fan of the Milton Forum, I saw something that said “Scrapbooking Saturdays” – so I clicked – and it’s you!! This is fantastic! haha – what are the chances!

    I started my website on wordpress – now I have my own domain, check it out –!

    Now that I’ve found this, I will bookmark it!

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